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  • Alma (2024)

  • an opera for 9 soloists, chorus and symphony orchestra

  • Libretto: Ido Ricklin (German: Anke Raithman)

  • The story that has never been told about Alma Mahler-Gropius-Werfel

  • Conductor: Omer Meir Wellber

  • Stage director: Ruth Brauer-Kvam

  • World premiere: Volksoper Wien, 26.10.2024

  • also 31.10, 4, 6, 9.11


  • The Banality of Love (Die Banalitaet der Liebe) (2018)

  • an opera for 7 singers, chorus and symphony orchestra

  • Libretto: Savyon Liebrecht (German)

  • based on the play "The banality of Love" by Savyon Liebrecht

  • Stage director: Itay Tiran

  • World premiere: Staatstheater Regensburg, January 2018


  • Baruchs Schweigen (Baruch's Silence) (2010) (Look at special page)

  • A chamber opera (for 8 singers and a chamber ensemble of 14 players)

  • Libretto: Yael Ronen (German version, Hebrew version)

  • Based on the diary of Dr. Baruch Milch, the composer's father and tells her story as 2nd generation to Holocaust survivors.

  • World premiere: Staatstheater Braunschweig, 2010

  • Stage director: Ido Ricklin




  • And the Rat Laughed (2005)

  • Opera in 10 scenes for 8 singers, girls' choir and orchestra

  • Based on Nava Semel's book Libretto: Nava Semel & Ella Milch-Sheriff

  • World premiere: Tel-Aviv 2005 By the ICO (Israel Chamber Orchestra) in co-production with the Cameri Theatre, Stage director: Oded Kotler





  • Flying lessons (2009)

  • Opera for young people based On Nava Semel's book.

  • Libretto: Nava Semel

  • World Premiere: Tel-Aviv, 2009, Cameri Theatre, Israel Sinfonietta Beer-Sheva

  • Director: Yael Ronen


  • Conversation with a Stone (2014)

  • Chamber opera based on Wislawa Szymborska poem (sung in Polish and Hebrew)

  • World premiere: Bundeskunsthalle Bonn& Staatstheater Bonn, 2015

  • Stage director: Bruno Berger-Gorski




"Der ewige Fremde" (2020)

(The eternal stranger)

for actor and symphony orchestra. 

(two versions: German and English)

World premiere: Gewandhaus Orchester Leipzig, Eli Danker: actor, Omer Wellber, conductor


Contrapunctus XIV, orchestration for symphony orchestra (2019)

World premiere: Bachfest, Leipzig, 2019

Bremen Kammerphilharmmonie, Omer Wellberductor

"Noam", a fantasy for flute and orchestra (2018)

World premiere: NKO, Sharon Bezaly, flute. Christian Lindberg, conductor

"Shacharit" (Dawn) (2018)

for soprano and baritone solo, mixed choir and chamber orchestra

World Premiere: The Israel Camerata Jerusalem

"Halbtener" (2016)

for singer and chamber orchestra (sung in Yiddish)

World premiere: Ra'anana Symphonette, Louisa lyne, singer, Omer M Wellber, conductor


"Waves" (2010)

for Mezzo-Soprano and Chamber Orchestra (sung in Hebrew)

World premiere: Israel Camerata, Hadar Halevy, Mezzo-Soprano, Avner Biron, conductor


"Night's End Anthem" (2009)

for 2 Sopranos, children's choir and Orchestra (sung in Hebrew)

World premiere: Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Zubin Mehta, conductor.


"Can Heaven be Void" (2003) (Ist der Himmel leer?) (look at the special page)

for Narrator, Mezzo-Soprano & Orchestra (Versions in English, German, Italian, Polish, Lithuanian and Hebrew)

World premiere: Ra'anana Symphonette, Israel, Kynan Johns, conductor

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra(2008, revised 2010)

World premiere: Israel Sunfonietta, Michal Tal, Piano, Doron Salomon, conductor

(Edition PETERS, Leipzig)


Isla Afortunada (2015)

for mezzo-soprano and orchestra

Text: Tomas Morales (sung in Spanish)

World premiere: Be'er-Sheva, Israel 2015


Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (2008, revised version 2010)

World premiere: Be'er-Sheva, 2008. Revised version: Haifa, 2010


Fanfar for Orchestra (2008)

World prmiere: Jerusalem, 2008


A Crown they shall give unto You (2005)

For Flamenco-ladino singer, authentic instruments & orchestra (sung in Hebrew & Ladino)

World premiere: Ra'anana, 2005


Good Night Sweet Ladies (2006)

For 2 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, actress and orchestra.

Text: W. Shakespeare (sung in English)

World premiere: Ra'anana, 2006


Variations on an Israeli Song (1985)

For String Orchestra  

World premiere: Tel-Aviv, 1985





Clarinet Quartet (2020)

Commissioned by "Intonations" festival, Berlin

Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival

To be premiere in September 2020

"Songs from the Edge" (2006)

String Quartet No. 1 For Mezzo-Soprano and string quartet (sung in English)

Text: Annette Pashayan

World Premiere: The Chautauqua Festival, 31.7.2006

Janine Hawley, The Audubon Quartet


"Conversation with a Stone"(2014) (Gespraech mit einem Stein, Rozmowa z kamieniem)

for Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Women's Choir, Oboe, Violoncello & Piano. (sung in Polish and Hebrew)

Text: Wislawa Szymborska

Hebrew translation:: Rafi Weichert

Sung in Polish and Hebrew


"Dark am I"  (2007) (look at special page)

A musical fantasy based on "The Song of Solomon" For Soprano, Counter-Tenor, Tenor, Bass and chamber ensemble

(sung in English, Hebrew, French, Portugese, Italian, German and Arabic)

World Premiere: The Israel Festival, Jerusalem 2007

"Junjun" (2018)

for choir, narrator and instrumental ensemble

based on the book by Yossi Banai (Hebrew)

Commissioned and performed by the Moran Choir

Stage director: Shirit-Lee Weiss

World premiere: March 2018, Tel-Aviv

"Mediterrenean Summer Sketches" (2011)

6 sketches for Winds Quintet

World premiere: Tel-Aviv 2011


"Credo" (2008)

Trio for Violin, Viloncello and Piano

World Prmiere: Chautauqua festival, USA, 2008


Black is the Night (2009)

for soprano, mandoline, saxophone and piano

Text: Nissim Aloni (sung in Hebrew)

World premiere: Abu-Gosh, Israel 2009


 Little Woman (2006)

For Soprano, Cello & Piano

Text: Dalia Rabikovitch

World Premiere: Tel-Aviv Museum, January 2006


4 Miniatures for one and two violas (2005)

world premiere: Jerusalem, 2005



for Violin & Viola  


"Elegy" (1985)

Trio for Clarinet, Violoncello and Piano


"Poem" (1984)

For Mezzo-Soprano, Clarinet, Cello, Percussion & Piano

Text: Pinchas Yas'ur  

World premiere: Tel-Aviv 1984 


Divertimento (1984)

for brass quintet

World premiere: Bochum, Germany, 1984


Duo for flute and cello (1976)

World Prmiere: Tel-Aviv, 1976


Duo for Violin and Viola (1976)






"Woman in Paths" (2004)

for Voice & Piano

2 version: Mezzo-Soprano, Soprano (sung in Hebrew)

Text: Agi Mish'ol 

World premiere: Tel-Aviv, 2002


"Three songs" (2004)

for Voice & Piano

2 version: Mezzo-Soprano, Soprano (sung in Hebrew)

Text: Yonah Vollach, Tirtza Atar, Sylvia Plath

World premiere: Tel-Aviv, israel, 2015


Kitty and other women (2006)

For 2 singers, saxophone, piano and double bass

A cabaret song cycle.

Based on Heinrich Heine's poems translated into Hebrew.

World premiere: Tel-Aviv, 2006



"Green, green is the Land of my Ode" (2015)

for mixed choir a-capella (sung in Hebrew and Arabic)

Text: Mahmoud Darwish, Avot yeshurun

World premiere: Tel-Aviv, israel 2015


O magnum Misterium (2009)

for women's choir

World premiere: Winston Salem, USA 2009


 There In The World That Is New (2008)

For children choir, cello and piano

Lyrics: Nava Semel  

World premiere: Israel, 2008


A Ballade on Three Prophets (2008)

for children choir

Text: Nava Semel

World premiere: Poland, 2008


My Own Melody (2007)  

For children choir a-capella 

Text: Hadva Rabinson Bachrach.

World Premiere: Warsaw, 2007


 Oh Lord, God of Hosts, hear my Prayer (2006)

Anthem for mixed choir, Brass Quintet Timpani and Organ

Text: Psalm 84  

 World Premiere: Winston-Salem, NC, USA September 2006


Miserere Mei (2005)

Motet for mixed choir a-capella 

Text: Nava Semel, Psalms

World premiere: Tel-Aviv, 2005


 I'd like to enter the Book of Genesis (2005)

5 Biblical poems for mixed choir, Mezzo-Soprano Saxophone and piano

World premiere: Tel-Aviv, 2005


A China Ballade (1998)

for children choir (sung in Hebrew)

Text: Lea Goldberg

World premiere: Tel-Aviv, 1998




"Reflections on Love" (2013)

for Piano solo

World premiere: Rubinstein Competition, Tel-Aviv 2014





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