B i o g r a p h y

Ella Milch-Sheriff is One of Israel's most performed composers in recent years. Born in Haifa, Israel, she began her career as a composer at the young age of 12, graduating in composition from the Academy of Music at Tel Aviv University.


Her work "The eternal stranger" commissioned by the Gewandhaus Orchstra in Leipzig to compose a work for the occassion of 250 to Beethoven was  premiered in Leipzig February 2020.  

 Also commissioned by the Gewandhaus Leipzig to orchestrate for symphony orchestra of Bach's last fugue from "The Art of Fugue". This was premiered at the "Bachfest 2019" in Leipzig.

Her last opera "The Banality of Love" commissioned and premiered in Regensburg Germany in 2018 won a huge success.

Ella  composes operas, chamber, orchestral and vocal music as well as popular music and solo works. Her music is performed widely through Israel, (Israel Philharmonic/ Zubin Mehta and all Israel's major orchestras and musical ensembles) Germany, (Berlin, Duesseldorf, Bochum, Braunschweig etc.), other European countries and the US.


She was awarded the prestigious “Israeli Prime-Minister Prize” for her compositional works and the same year, her opera, "And the Rat Laughed”  received the Tel-Aviv “Rosenblume Prize” for an outstanding achievement.


Her Opera "Baruchs Schweigen" (Baruch's Silence) was commissioned by the Braunschweig opera in Germany and premiered in 2010. The opera, based on the true story of her family, won a huge success.  (Israeli premiere (October 2014, Tel-Aviv , June 2015  Furth, Germany) and Vienna premiere 2016.


Her opera "And the Rat Laughed” (2005) based on Israeli author Nava Semel's book, received extraordinary acclaim from the press and public a like in Israel. The opera toured in Europe and had a new production in Toronto, Canada in 2009.


 Among her other works:


  • "Night's End Anthem" (2009) for 2 sopranos, children choir and symphony orchestra which premiered by Zubin Mehta and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.


  • “Waves” (2010) for mezzo-soprano and orchestra, premiered by The Israel Camerata Jerusalem conducted by Avner Biron.


  • "Can Heaven be Void" (2003) cantata for Mezzo soprano, narrator and Orchestra, based on her father's diary written in hiding during 2nd World War premiered in Israel and then all over the world


  • "Songs from the Edge" (2006) for mezzo-soprano and string quartet premiered by Audubon Quartet USA


  • "Dark am I..." (2007) for 4 singers and instrumental ensemble. premiered at the Israel festival, piano concerto, in 2010 performed by Noam Sheriff and Haifa Symphony Orchestra


  • "Reflections on Love" (2014) for piano solo commissioned by the Rubinstein piano competition                                                                                                                                                                                                                

  • "Conversation with a Stone" (2014) for mezzo-soprano, soprano, women's choir, oboe, violoncello & piano based on Wislawa Szymborska's poem. Commissioned by the museum for the history of Polish Jews                                                                                                                  

  • "Green, green is the land of my Ode" (2015) for choir a-capella based  Mahmoud Darwish and Avot Yeshurun.