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"The Banality of Love" – Opera by Ella Milch-Sheriff

Libretto: Savyon Liebrecht. Stage Director: Itay Tiran

World premiere: 27 January 2018, Regensburg, Germany

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 1 February, 2018, Achim Heidenreich

"The Banality of Love": Ella Milch-Sheriff has created with virtuosity, a merciless opera about the relationship between Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger." 

"With the world premiere of the opera "The Banality of Love" by the Israeli composer Ella Milch-Sheriff, the Regensburg Theater courageously presents an uplifting and disturbing journey, often ironic, about the rift in German-Jewish relations."

"It is a virtuoso operatic evening that raises questions that are not easy to answer."


Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 28 January, 2018, Eva-Elisabeth Fischer

"The Banality of Love", Ella Milch-Sheriff's superb opera about the relationship between Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger is premiered in Regensburg with great success."

"A Herculean undertaking which wins a grandiose success: The opera, commissioned and premiered at the Regensburg Theater, staged by the Israeli Itay Tiran which is marked by periodic reminders and is full of expressionistic touches."


Opernwelt, 1 March 2018, MICHAEL STALLKNECHT

A world premiere of elemental power.

In a tight dramaturgy, "The Banality of Love" condenses events on two ever-interlinking time-planes.

Seldom have you seen theater images like that.

Such haunting theatricality is also expressed by the music.

Intensive cantilenas. Transparent orchestration.


DIE DEUTSCHE BÜHNE Michaele Schabel, 30. January, 2018

"The Regensburg premiere of Ella Milch-Sheriff's opera "The Banality of Love" is much more than a banal love story. It aims at the lower level of human existence with all its distortions, becomes a metaphor for a sociopolitical turn of events, and thanks to the great music, the rich libretto and the exciting staging, it is a very special operatic experience."


Radio Bavaria, Peter Jungblut, 28 January, 2018

"What an achievement! The Israeli composer Ella Milch-Sheriff really created a big hit to a libretto by Savyon Liebrecht - their courage was rewarded, and courage is necessary for an opera about the philosopher Martin Heidegger and the sociologist Hannah Arendt."

"Musically, these were two hours of extraordinary pleasure"

"The premier, which was enriching and inspiring, won a standing ovation. I have no idea whether there was love between Heidegger and Arendt - but there was definitely music!"


Slipped Disc, Norman Lebrecht, 25 February, 2018

At a time when ‘new’ opera is synonymous with the abstractions of Kaija Saariaho and George Benjamin, this pulsating, all-too-human drama contends with current and recent conflicts of mind, body, gender and nation. It’s one of those rare operas that has something pertinent to say about our present confusions.

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Der Ewige Fremde

The Eternal Wanderer

for actor and orchestra

based on a poem by Joshua Sobol

Gewandhaus Orchester Leipzig

Eli Dasnker, actor

Omer Meir Wellber, conductor

Stockholm Radio Symphony Orchestra


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Clarinet Quartet

World premiere

"Intonations" festival

Jewish Museum, Berlin

Karl-Heinz Steffens, Clarinet


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"The Banality of Love", opera by Ella Milch-Sheriff, Libretto: Savyon Liebrecht. Staging: Itay Tiran
Review, Norman Lebrecht, 25 February, 2018